Animated Promotional Videos
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Promotional video is now one of the most powerful marketing tools. Since creating YouTube, online video is increasingly becoming popular among internet users.

Promotional video improves your website’s search engine ranking because most major search engines give preference to pages that include video. This has been clearly shown through the figures and marketing studies:

Approximately 1.2 billion videos are streamed from YouTube daily.
By 2013, 90% of internet traffic will be online video.
68% of the Top 50 Internet Retailers display videos on their websites.
People who view video on websites are 64% more likely to buy.
It reduces the time it takes a viewer to reach a buying decision by 70%.
Animated Video allows you to present your marketing message in non-threatening and non pushy way that inspires the viewers to take positive action towards your product.
As the Internet increasingly becomes a global marketplace, cartoon appeals to everyone wherever they are.
It is the perfect medium to promote your marketing message because it has the ability to turn a complex idea or concept into a simple and interesting topic.
It can be used in variety of places such as your website, social media, tradeshows and meetings.

Why Softex?
We have a talented and creative Graphic Designer Team who has great awareness of the latest designing skills.
During the production, we apply the professional and the academic rules through every phase of this process.
We visualize the storyboard with attractive animated graphics that boost your marketing message and increase your sales.
We also offer Narrative voiceover for your promotional video in both Arabic and English language.
We strengthen your online presence by providing highest quality of video format that can be uploaded upload the video on websites, Facebook, YouTube and other social network pages.