Current Month SMS Offers
Package Package Price Discount Net Package Price Cost / SMS Order
5,000 SMS 1,150 EGP 20 % 920 EGP 0.184 EGP Order Now
10,000 SMS 2,300 EGP 22 % 1,794 EGP 0.179 EGP Order Now
20,000 SMS 4,600 EGP 23 % 3,542 EGP 0.177 EGP Order Now
50,000 SMS 11,500 EGP 25 % 8,625 EGP 0.172 EGP Order Now
100,000 SMS 23,000 EGP 30 % 16,100 EGP 0.161 EGP Order Now
What do you get with Softex SMS Account 100% Free
Send SMS with any Name you like (Alphanumeric Sender)
Contacts Management System to organize Mobile numbers for easy targeting
Numbers Auto-Correct ( automatically removes bad and duplicated mobile numbers)
Live time validity for your credit (No Credit Expiry)
Control Panel for detailed account Credit usage.
Auto SMS Scheduler (allows you to Schedule automatic sending of campaigns on specific future Dates)
Fast and Secured Processing engine for Your SMS Campaigns (1000 SMS per minute)
Add Credit later with any valid offer with Softex.
Send SMS in English / Arabic / or any other language.
Send Long SMS Messages with single or double length .

Many mobile Web users are mobile-only, i.e. they do not, or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web. Mobile-only users’ percentage in Egypt is 70%.
According to industry studies, over 80% of cell phone users are willing to receive  opt-in text messages.
Studies show that 97% of SMS messages are read.
SMS Marketing campaign can produce response rates of up to 20%.
Text messaging has been estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising.

What's in it for you ?
Drive traffic to your business during slow periods.
Increase sales of existing products and successfully introduce new ones.
Retain current customers and attract new ones to increase your market share.
Ensure your marketing messages delivery by utilizing the reliable media of SMS.
Open a personalized communication channel with new and existing customers.
Extend your reach-ability to customers on the go.
Reap the benefits of targeted, context-driven marketing.
SMS forwarding allows for viral marketing.
Simple and quick large volume delivery.

Dedicated Application facilitating full control of sending and logging processes.
Full coverage to Egypt Operators with English / Arabic content (English SMS : 160 Characters, Arabic SMS: 70 Characters).
Reliable coverage for Middle East and Gulf area.
Alphanumeric Sender for all three networks in Egypt Vodafone, Mobinil & Etisalat.
Full Sending Log and Accounts Balance Calculation of credit and Usage.
Flat Rate for all networks Based on your Volume Fixed for minimum of 3 months.
No Credit Expiry.
Cost effectiveness with a diversity of packages offering one of the lowest rates in the Market.
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