Cloud Services Cost Saving Calculator

Travel Control Online Cloud Services Cost Saving Calculator

The below table shows how much Cost can be saved using Travel Control Cloud (SAS: Software as Service) against deployment and maintaining of the same Software system within your organization for 25 Users within your organization.

Upfront investment (Startup) Cost to Implement Internally Cost using Softex Cloud Cost Saved
Server Hardware Purchase 3,000 USD N/A 3,000 USD
Windows Server OS License 600 USD N/A 600 USD
SQL Server License for 25 Users 1,200 USD N/A 1,200 USD
External Back Device 300 USD N/A 300 USD
20 IT Work Hours for Server Deployment & Implementation * 40 USD/Hour 800 USD N/A 800 USD
Hardware Firewall Needed to Secure Server Access over the Internet 1,200 USD N/A 1,200 USD
Total Upfront Investment (Startup) 7,100 USD N/A 7,100 USD
Monthly Cost of Running the Service
30 IT Work Hours for Automating and checking Daily System Backup * 40 USD/Hour 1,200 USD / Month N/A 1,200 USD / Month
8 IT Work Hours Needed for updating, batching and installation of Hot Fixes for OS , Database Servicer, Antivirus and other Connectivity Software * 40 USD/Hour 320 USD / Month N/A 320 USD / Month
Separate Contract Maintenance For Updating Travel Control , providing Latest Database and software updates (2400 USD / Year = 200 USD/Month) 200 USD / Month N/A 200 USD / Month
High Speed Internet Connectivity with Static IP and Fast Upload rate to allow accessing of the system over the internet by Partners, employees and XML APIs 350 USD/Month N/A 350 USD/Month
Softex Cloud Hosting Services Per Month for 25 Users N/A 500 USD/Month -500 USD/Month
Cost of Emergency Maintenance of Server/Network/ Internet Predicated Down time of 4 Hours / Month 200 USD/Month N/A 200 USD/Month
Cost of Server Antivirus License (240 USD / Year = 20 USD / Month) 20 USD/Month N/A 20 USD/Month
Total Cost Saving / Month 2,290 USD/Month 500 USD/Month 1,770 USD/Month

The previous Cost analysis does not cover unexpected Costs of Resolving or down time Caused by the following possible situations, but using Softex Cloud Services greatly reduces the Cost of risking this issue to happen in the first place:

  • Down Time caused by Operating system , Networks , Internet Connection
  • Down Time and Cost of Replacing Damaged Hardware components within Server
  • Data Loss caused by Hard Drive Failures, Viruses and other Sabotage Activities.
  • Internal Damage Caused by Untrained IT/Personal
  • Risk of Physical Theft / Damage on the Server hardware / Data over it.
  • Cost of Outside Hacking attempts and DDOS Attacks (Denial of Service Attacks)
  • Storage Drive Failures might affect Data Loss till the Last Backup Date.