Softex has reached Italy
26 February 2013

Softex has reached Italy

Softex would like to proudly announce that we have reached Italy. We have worked with “IL CASTELLO DI BESOZZO”, one of Famous restaurants in Province of Varese at Italy. Our Design Team has successfully accomplished their official website. You will see it suit both Italian spirit and cuisine. We invite you all to visit the website:
IL Castello Di Besozzo Website

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سوفتكس في جيتكس دبي2012

23 September 2012

تشهد مدينة دبي يوم 14 أكتوبر من هذا العام معرض جيتكس الذي يعتبر من أهم المعارض في قطاع تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات على مستوى العالم ،حيث ...