5 Economical statistics for 2011


5 Economical Statistics for 2011 

With the fall of four presidents in the Middle East & North Africa region, the aftershocks had major effects throughout the region in 2011 and will no doubt be felt in 2012.

We identify here 5 amazing statistics that highlight this remarkable year:
1. Arab Spring Price Tag, USD 56-Billion:

The Arab Spring not only cost at least four presidents their jobs, but also USD 56-billlion in lost Gross Domestic Product for the worst affected countries, according to a study by Geopolicity, a consulting firm.

2. GCC Oil Output Rises By 10%:

Gulf oil production has risen 9.8% this year, with Saudi Arabia main beneficiary with output up more than 12%.

3. 44,000 Millionaires in Saudi Arabia:

There were 44,000 millionaires in Saudi Arabia, 40,000 in the UAE and 31,000 in Kuwait and Egypt each this year, according to a Credit Suisse report.

4. Egypt's Islamists win 65% of Votes in First Phase:

Muslim Brotherhood's “Justice and Freedom” party and the Salafist “Nour” Party won 65% of the seats in the first phase of the elections in Egypt. Liberals only managed to secure 29.3% of votes.

5. 98.3% Sudanese Vote For independence:

South Sudanese voted 98.3% in favor of independence from North Sudan. The South provides 75% of Sudan's 450,000 barrels per day production. Undeterred, the North expects to post a 2% growth in GDP this year.