Five things you may not know about Google Search Engine


In this Issue, we will give some search secrets you may not know about Google Search Engine. In the search box you can use these following tips to find the right result and save tons of time.
 Here are Some Tips: 
- If you search of a definition of any word, you can type (define: word)

- If you type – between two words (e.g. virus –Computer), Google will search for all kinds of viruses and exclude the computer viruses

- For example, you need to buy a car and you range from 30,000 USD to 50,000 USD. Just type in the search box( car $30,000...$50,000)

- If you need to find for certain phrase, use inverted commas (“phrase”) to find the exact one

- You can use the tilde (~) operator to search for pages that not only contain the word that follows it, but also its synonyms
Do You Know That You Can Use Google As Calculator?
To make Google act like calculator, type into Search Box:

 + Addition:  45 + 39

 – Subtraction:  45 – 39

 * Multiplication: 45 * 39

 / Division:  45 / 39

 % of percentage of:  45% of 39