How Secure is Your Password



Your Password is your shield against malicious people who tries to hijack any of your account. The features of a strong password are; it is hard to guess it by others, and it is easy for you to remember.

Using numbers, symbols and mixed-case letters in your password increases the difficulty of guessing or cracking your password. Moreover, it is recommended that you have to create a unique password for each of your important account.

 When you use the same password across the web, a cyber criminal can gain access to a less secure account and then use that password to compromise your important accounts.
Create fresh looks
Here some interesting facts, you may never know:

- The average number of internet users have about 25 online accounts per a person, and have 6-7 different passwords.

- The most common password of all time is 123456.

- Some browsers including Firefox and Google Chrome let you view ALL of someone's saved passwords!
Just go to by going to Preferences, then the Security tab and show all the passwords.

- 66% of the US users have only one or two passwords.

- A recent study shows that people older than 55 create passwords that are only twice as secure as the passwords that people under 25 choose!
 Finally, there are plenty of free tools of password generator over the internet.
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