Vacancy: Administrative Assistant

Bost Date: 2014-07-03

Vacancy Description:

• Responsible for Totally managing and carrying on Softex Front office operations including secretarial work,
• Responsible for Totally Managing the CEO Agenda including working towards perfection of all of his duties and responsibilities.
• Responsible for handling all incoming Calls and making sure it is all logged and handled correctly by different departments quickly, including complains, request for information, collection and sales inquiries.
• Responsible for maintaining full office Maintenance and necessary procedures to make sure Softex premises are in best shape all over the year.
• Responsible for preparing and revising monthly performance reports, including but not limited to expenses analysis, budget tracking, Sales Pipeline prospects Sheet, Softex personal Monthly evaluation survives, All Employees performance tracking Reports.
• Responsibility includes delivering monthly evaluation report for each employee.
• Softex Achieving Strategic Goals Is part of my responsibilities as Softex CEO Right Hand and administration assistance.
• Softex In House Employee discipline is part of my responsibilities for evaluation; assist in maintaining professional, calm and smooth operation across different departments.
• Handle cash flow operations to ensure invoices, commitments and dues are paid on time to ensure correct operational behavior across different departments of the company.

• Proven experience working in an administration or operational role.
• Proven office organisational and file management skills, strong ability to multi-task
• Excellent personal skills such as: communication; teamwork; self motivation; demonstrable ,initiative and attention to detail.
• An ability to priorities, plan and organise work in a busy environment.
• Willingness to work flexibly in response to changing organisational requirements.
• Proven Ability to multitask, meet strict deadlines

If you are interested in the above internship opportunity, please send your resume to

Vacancy Details:

Experience: 2-3 years of experience in this field

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