After building a website, how to submit it to search engine?

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After building a website, how to submit it to search engine?

Postby Softex » 01 Sep 2012, 16:49

Hello everybody,
since we are building websites for hundreds of companies every year, one of the most important thing to be done is to submit your website to search engines so that people can find you. if you are building website with softex, we already do this for you upon launch. if you have your own site or you modified your website content recently and need the search engines to feel the new content. then you need to resubmit it again.

Major search engines wordwide are Google, Yahoo and Bing, so we thougt we should share how to sumbit it here in one place so that you can do it easily whenever you want, after all you are having a website so that people can find you, correct?

To submit your search engine to Google, use

To submit for Yahoo use

To submit for Bing use

Just to be honest, we believe that yahoo now depends on Bing for their search result, but it wont hurt to submit in both just in case.

happy adding :-
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