Mobile Networks Numbers Changes in Egypt 2011

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Mobile Networks Numbers Changes in Egypt 2011

Postby Softex » 14 Oct 2012, 08:43

On 06/10/2012 , Egyptian NTRA, who is responsible for Regulations of all Mobile networks in Egypt. Applied a new extending of All Mobile numbers in Egypt to be 11 number instead of 10. This is done to cover the increasing requests for new mobile lines over the 3 networks.

Below is how the mobile numbers are affected for manual transformation if needed.

012 XXX XXXX to be 0122 XXX XXXX
017 XXX XXXX to be 0127 XXX XXXX
018 XXX XXXX to be 0128 XXX XXXX
0150 XXX XXXX to be 0120 XXX XXXX

010 XXX XXXX to be 0100 XXX XXXX
016 XXX XXXX to be 0106 XXX XXXX
019 XXX XXXX to be 0109 XXX XXXX

011 XXX XXXX to be 0111 XXX XXXX
014 XXX XXXX to be 0114 XXX XXXX
0152 XXX XXXX to be 0112 XXX XXXX
0155 XXX XXXX to be 0115 xxx xxxx (Data Lines)

Reference for this topic from Egyptian NTRA Website :

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