Free Light Software Similar to Photoshop

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Free Light Software Similar to Photoshop

Postby Softex » 16 Oct 2012, 07:58

we will make it short here so don't worry you will not need to read a lot :)

Photoshop is heavy, slow and requires huge computing powers and you must be a well educated Graphics designer to use it, moreover it is really very expensive to purchase for doing some minor cropping and image re-sizing, correct ?

Since most of us are not Graphics Designers and most of us do not like to pay for Photoshop software, we (Softex Team) did a lot of digging to find a software that is similar to Photoshop, easy to use, very light on your machine and of course totally free :)

The software is capable of doing almost anything the normal user need from Photoshop so we believe it is a very good piece of software that we would like to share with you.

you can download the software here, and amazingly it is very small to download as well

Download Link :;1

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