How to Check your Email MSG Spam Score Online for free

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How to Check your Email MSG Spam Score Online for free

Postby Softex » 19 Nov 2012, 14:16

Dear All,
if you wish to check your current marketing email message and see if it has high spam score or not to be caught in Junk , just use Softex Free Spam Score Check Tools found here : , this free tool calculates your email message spam score and even gives you advise how your spam score is calculated , you can modify your email several times to adjust it to the best possible spam score before sending it.

it might be useful as well to follow the following rules to avoid high spam score such as :
1 - Do not use Capital letters in title.
2 - Do not send email with image only in the body , always include text first.
3 - Do not use a lot of question marks '?' or exclamation marks '!' in neither the title nor the body.
4 - Do not use the common advertising words such as :
--> Talks about lots of money.
--> Describes some sort of breakthrough.
--> Looks like mortgage pitch.
--> Contains urgent matter.
--> Money back guarantee.
--> Why Pay More?

We will provide some articles about avoiding Spam later.

enjoy :)
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