Creating a training or Tutorial videos of your screen !!

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Creating a training or Tutorial videos of your screen !!

Postby Softex » 27 Nov 2012, 15:12

Most of us at Softex usually wants to record tutorials as help for using our software systems or for demonstrating different parts of the software. We have researched several times for a free Screen Video recording software system and here what we have found, Since we believe in sharing our knowledge within Softex and for People visiting our Official website, we decided to share this document about how can anybody uses this free software system to record videos with sounds directly from his screen. Anybody can download such free software and we have even created a visual guide about how to use it and create your own videos.

Download Link for the software :
Top viewer Screen Video Recording Software - Free.rar
(711.11 KiB) Downloaded 1361 times

Full Manual for how to install and use the software system :

Finally before we leave the post we would like to announce special thanks to Softex Tech. Support Team who made the research for the software and tested a zillion products to find this one, Mr. Ahmed Mubarak is responsible for finding this great software and for preparing the help materials, so a big thank you goes to Mr. Ahmed.

Enjoy everybody :)
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