Resolve SlideShare transcript issues for Arabic Text

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Resolve SlideShare transcript issues for Arabic Text

Postby Softex » 05 Jan 2014, 20:18

Hello everybody,
Slide-share is becoming more and more used by people around the world to share their presentations, articles and products presentations and/or catalogs.

As Softex main Targets to build software for Arab regions, we had to publish our articles and products information in Arabic for the targeted audience. The good thing about slide share is that you can upload different formats of files whether power point presentations, word documents or even pdfs and it will create an online preview on slide-share along with transcript for all content in the document.

When we first uploaded our English Presentations, it worked great. but soon after we started to upload our Arabic content catalogs, we found that Slide share is unable to generate transcript for our Arabic content !!!!!

we have researched over the web for a very long time and we have even contacted Slide-Share technical support but they did not help us :) simply they did not have any experience with Arabic content to resolve it.

Our Marketing and Web Development team has worked closely for some time to resolve the issue and they have came out with the below tutorial about how to make it work.

since we believe sharing information is useful for the Arab industries, we created the below documents in both Arabic and English to show everyone how to do it in very easy steps.

Please feel free to download the tutorial, use it and share it with all the Arab users who need to resolve their issues with Arabic on slide-share.

Courtesy of Softex software House

Enjoy :)
Softex Tutorial - How to Resolve Arabic Issues on Slideshare - Arabic Version.pdf
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Softex Tutorial - How to Resolve Arabic Issues on Slideshare - English Version.pdf
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