Softex Antivirus Comparisons & Fact Sheet Dec. 2014

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Softex Antivirus Comparisons & Fact Sheet Dec. 2014

Postby Softex » 22 Dec 2014, 13:21

Since Avast is Considered the Main Avast Antivirus partner in Egypt , Softex Technical Teams provides a full detailed Antivirus benchmark and comparison Documents to evaluate the most common antivirus systems worldwide and Pinpoint Avast advantages over other products and possible areas for improvement.

Such Guide is super useful for IT Managers / Specialists who are required to take a decision soon about Which Antivirus they should purchase to cover and Secure their Internal systems and Network infra-structure.

Here is the File in PDF Format :
Softex Antivirus Comparison Report Dec 2014 .pdf
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We will keep up updated soon about Documents Updates each Quarter.

Best Regards from Softex Avast Team , Happy Scanning :)
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