Softex Windows Based systems and Firewalls conflicts

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Softex Windows Based systems and Firewalls conflicts

Postby Softex » 08 Jul 2012, 10:10

hello again everybody,
Recently and since most of the organizations using our systems are starting to tighten their security, we have noticed several complains regarding conflicts with our windows based software systems with customer in house firewalls or ISA Servers.

the Symptoms are as following:
When the user clicks on the application exe file to open the log in screen , it opens well and after that the user enters his correct user name and password and click log in, the application window disappears and never open or even send any notification. The application process is not found on Task Manager (tasks or process ). Usually when this happens, the issue happens with all users on all computers.

Explanation for such issue, Why this is happening?
According to Microsoft best practices and standards, we are implementing the auto update features for all of our Microsoft windows based solutions, this means from time to time the application and the database server needs to install hot fixes and application security fixes. Most of the times, the auto-update feature works perfectly without the user even noticing, but sometimes it fails in the middle of the update most probably due to firewall settings and this causes the solution to cease working as per the symptoms of this issue.

How to confirm if this is really the problem?
Simply, do the following steps.

1.Run the application Normally.
2.Enter your username and password and click Log in
3.wait till the application disappears.
4.Navigate to the directory of the application, and look for "softexengine.log" text file
5.Open it using notepad or any other editor. should find the following or similar error , this confirms that the issue is related to your firewall settings.
The request failed with HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required ( The ISA Server requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the Web Proxy service is denied.)

Resolution, how to fix it?
Simply configure your firewall settings to allow client machines using the application to have access as per the following rules:
1. Allow client machines to connect to Your Server IP , Port 1433, this allows the creation of database connectivity with your server (Required to be open all the time)
2. Allow Client machines to perform http requests on Port 80 to the following url, this allows Software to check for Hot Fixes and database tuning scripts and make sure no data is damaged due to infected Software Exe (Required at least once a month)
3. Allow Client Machines to perform http requests on Port 80 to , this allows SQL Server Hot Fixes and integrity checks to make sure no data is damaged due to bad / infected SQL Server Executables. (Required to be open at least once a month).

if you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our support department over

Best regards
Softex Software House
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