What Customers expect from Salesmen to buy from ?

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What Customers expect from Salesmen to buy from ?

Postby Softex » 19 Feb 2013, 18:32

All over the world there is always different salesmen competing to sell similar products to the same customer , the question is What are the factors that customers want in their Salesman and select him to make the purchase ???

Sounds like a hard question, but for Salesmen this is really worth knowing. If you are a Salesman, then you should always fulfill the need to make the Sale , right ? Then what customers usually needs to find in their Salesman ??

1. Independent Thinking
Customers want to know that you'll represent their interests, even it's not in your own financial interest. So they expect you to sense their situation, Think for their behalf and take the correct and most beneficial decision for them (Even if it will make you sell less).

2. Courage
Customers want to know that you can be trusted to do the right thing. They expect you to tell them if buying what you're selling is a mistake, or it will not benefit them as they think it will.

3. Pride
The best customers don't want you to truckle and beg. Because they're trusting you to deliver, they want to work with proud, successful people who can handle even the most difficult tasks. Be always Pride of yourself, your product and your company, but of Course be Pride and also Polite to get the sale.

4. Creativity
Customers don't have the time to sit and listen to long boring presentations about how great your product is !! However, they always have time for somebody who can redefine problems and devise workable solutions with New ideas (which should be matching with your product to sell it :) ).

5. Confidence
Customers are taking a risk when they buy from you specially in the first time you are dealing with them. They both need and expect you to exude the kind of confidence that assures them you'll do what it takes to make them happy.

6. Empathy
Customers want you to see the situation from their perspective. They want you to understand where they are, how their business works, and the challenges that they face--not just intellectually, but in your gut-- You really need to Care about them and about their business in the bottom of your heart, when you really care it shows and customers can sense it.

7. Honesty
Above all, customers want you to be honest with them. In fact, the previous six values are built upon a foundation of honesty. Without honesty, you have absolutely nothing to offer any customer. So Always be Sure that you can deliver what you promise, and once you promise the customer then you have to deliver.

These are some basic ideas about how to be the winning salesman for your customers, Do this and you will have much better opportunity to close than other Salesmen competing with you.

Enjoy :)
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