Barcode Printer - Zebra LP 2824 Plus

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Barcode Printer - Zebra LP 2824 Plus

Postby Softex Dev | R1 » 20 Dec 2016, 14:04

Barcode printing is very commonly used specially in stationery, pharmacies and beauty stores since they have very small products and they need to print small barcode stickers.

Softex provide a special barcode generator tool to customize stickers size based on Barcode Printer's sticker dimensions.

Since many of the shops and pharmacies use Zebra LP 2824 Plus Barcode Printers, we are going to describe how to use Softex Barcode Generator settings for this printer.

Zebra LP 2824 Plus Barcode Sticker's dimension is 3.7*2.5 cm, therefore, the Barcode generator's settings should be selected based on those dimensions.

• Select Page's Dimensions -مقاس الصفحة- -> Special Settings -اعدادات خاصة-
• Enter Width -العرض- (Up to 4 cm)
• Enter Height -الطول- (Up to 2.5 cm)
You will notice that the Barcode Columns' values -خانات الطول والعرض- are changed once you change the Page's dimensions.
Please note that you cannot change the barcode column's width or height to be greater than the page's width or height

• Change the upper margin -الهامش العلوي- or the left margin -الهامش الايسر- based on you preferences.

• Add Barcode Value -قيمة الباركود- then choose Barcode Type -نوع الباركود-, and you can add an upper title -العنوان العلوي-, lower title -العنوان السفلي- And/or Price -السعر-
• Change font size based on your upper title/lower title/barcode/price's length.

Last but not least
• Click view -مشاهدة-

Screenshot from settings

Printed stickers.jpg
printed stickers

For more information about Softex Market Control For ERP ... onents.php

Happy Barcode Printing :D

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