ASP.Net MVC Or SharePoint , Which to use and when ?

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ASP.Net MVC Or SharePoint , Which to use and when ?

Postby Softex » 08 Dec 2015, 15:45

. MVC VS Share Point Projects

We at Softex Are Software Builders, Software Consultants and Software Evaluators. For Many web projects the choice we face with our customers is about whether we should use ASP.NET MVC Versus Standard Traditional Share Point Server as a development platform. In order to provide an accurate technical response about this, we have collected the below articles to demonstrate why we (As Softex software House) totally prefer MVC for large high quality projects. While preparing this Case study and with each article included in this document, we have include the source of the article so the reader can go and check for the information directly from the source.

Please note that Softex Team Compiled these resources into one document for the use of Use and access, but copyright is strictly owned by the original Authors mentioned above each Article.

Softex Team Wishes you a great time reading the below technical articles and reviews.

Attached below the Full File about the Articles Compilation

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