Steps to move out your domain outside of Softex Servers

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Steps to move out your domain outside of Softex Servers

Postby Softex » 06 Oct 2012, 22:30

as everybody knows, Softex Manages and hosts thousands of domains for different customers worldwide. In some cases due to internal reasons or due to customer specific organization rules and requirements (such as government entities), the customer requires to transfer his domain outside for Softex custody.

Softex does not charge any additional fees for transferring out domains, but the customer has to fulfill the below easy steps that are designed for his own safety to prevent theft of domains held by Softex.

1. The customer needs to download the below attached document and fill it with the new owner information, the most important field in the document is the new Owner email, as this email field is the one Softex will transfer the domain to. Owner is required to provide copy of hid ID as well for legal purposes.

2. After filling the document, printing, signing and stamping it , he should scan the original copy and send it to "", within 3 days Softex Tech. Team will contact the customer and confirm that he really wants to move out his domain.
PS: It is preferable that he uses an email which is not hosted on the same domain, to avoid dead locks in case he cancel the hosting and email plan with Softex as well.

3. After confirmation with the customer over the phone or by email. Softex team will change the domain contact information to the information provided in his "Transfer Out request Document", After that Softex team will unlock the domain status and send the domain authorization code to the customer email mentioned in the request.

After this, it is up to the customer to create his domain transfer request with the company of his choice and proceed it as he has full information now.

Softex Charges no fees at all for the transfer out request, but it has to be filled at least 3 weeks before the billing cycle of the domain to avoid billing the customer before he leaves.

We hate to see any of our customer leave us but we will deliver all of his details in a very professional and clear way as mentioned above.

We apologize if any of the above steps are annoying but these steps were designed by our security and legal departments to make sure none of our customers lose his domain to theft. It is designed only to provide our existing customers with better security for their domain property.

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