Free Light Tool to re-size Images Very quickly.

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Free Light Tool to re-size Images Very quickly.

Postby Softex » 11 Dec 2012, 12:25

Hello everybody, since hundreds of people are using Softex CMS to update content on their websites, and since most of the updates contains images. One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is "How do they re-size their products Images and reduce its Size to be light on the websites. They keep saying they are not Designers and they do not have Photoshop installed , so we decided to develop a free tool for them and for anybody to use :)

This tools is a very light weight piece of software (less than 0.5 MB) , that allows you to select image , re-size it and even compress it with a live view of the visual changes of how the image looks and also the size of it after improvement, so that you can control exactly the level of re-sizing, compression and also balance quality of end product as well.

For Windows XP-SP2, XP-SP3, Windows Vista , Windows Seven , Windows Eight users or probably later ; they just need to download the zip file , extract it and start using it.

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