Compromised Email Accounts, Spam emails and Malware Issues

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Compromised Email Accounts, Spam emails and Malware Issues

Postby Softex » 25 Oct 2013, 14:46

A lot of people uses Softex Email and Hosting Servers , but this topic of getting their email compromises and sending tons of spam emails is common over all hosting providers, so this might be useful for anybody who have a business email and needs to resolve the issue.

in order to resolve the issue you need to understand it first, you have an email box and suddenly your email box is sending thousands and may be millions of spam emails like Viagra Ads , Loans and other Spam emails , if you are hosting with Softex Hosting servers, we usually spot this very quickly and notify you after resetting your email passwords to stop the spam sent from your account, but the important question how did this happen ?

In 99.9% if the cases , there are 2 situations that might cause your email to be compromised and your password stolen:
1. You are using a very simply password that any spammer can guess (for example your email password is : 12345 , Please do not use this and always use a strong password , For more about strong passwords please check this link:
2. The other Reason, which is the most common one , is that your computer is infected with some virus or male-ware / Trojan that is running on your computer spying on the mail programs such as Outlook and then when it knows the password of your email box , it transmits it to outside hacker so that he can use your account to send whatever he needs. In this case what you need to to is change the password of your email box immediately , Run a full system scan on your computer using both antivirus and Anti-Male-ware software and after removing the infection, you need to change your email password again to make sure it is secured.

Now the question is, how can you scan your computer effectively and make sure it is not infected.
Most of the users have antivirus that provides protection against infections, We recommend Avast but any professional Grade antivirus will do ,Make sure your antivirus is updated and then perform a complete Computer scan, after completing the scan and if you found no infections or if you believe your antivirus is not powerful enough or even if you need to do another scan just to make sure your computer is clean , we recommend the Dedicated Anti-male-ware the , the main limitations in the free edition, is that it does not allow auto-updates for the software to get the recent protection against infections, so every time you will use it to scan, you will need to update it manually.

In case you decided to use such software , you will have to download it, install , then update its engine and then perform full scan and clean the infections, you will be amazed how many infections you have without knowing :)

Instructions about the Software installation and usage can be found here:

Installation :

How to Update :

How to Scan your computer :

Finally , The professional version of this software have a lot of features including Auto-update and Real time shields, if you need additional layer of protection and decided to purchase you can order online from this software here :

More links about Security can be found here, if you are interested in reading more, check the below articles:

Understanding What is Male-ware, Spyware and Computer viruses :

Selecting the Right Antivirus for your computer

How to Create a strong password

Thank you all and wish you Safe internet Usage :)
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