How to Clear Your internet Browser Cache ?

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How to Clear Your internet Browser Cache ?

Postby Softex » 01 Feb 2014, 15:15

Hello everybody ,
Most of internet browsers use Cache to store snapshot copies of websites you regular visit in order to speed up loading time when you revisit the websites again. Although it is a very good thing in sense of improving loading speed for pages of the websites you visit, some problems might occur specially if the website is being updated regular.

Since Softex Provides Agile methodology for developing websites for a wide range of customers, we face some problems when we are updating a newly created website just after its launch, customers might complain that websites pages are not loaded correctly and also might even complain that newly updates pages are not shown on their pcs, this is because their browsers are still showing the old "Cached" version of the pages.

regardless of the browser you use whether it is chrome, Internet explorer , Firefox, safari , etc , there are simple steps for forcing your browser to clear its cache so that you can make sure you are previewing the latest version of the website after modifications.

please follow instructions in the below link according to the browser you are using , most of your problems will be fixed once done. If you are still facing any problems in websites developed by Softex, please let your account manager know and he will resolve any confirmed issues for you within 48 hours.

Steps for Clearing your Browser Cache below :'s-Cache

Please note that the same concept is similar for both computer and mobile browsers as well , both are mentioned in the above link. Just make sure to find the browser you are using and follow the instructions.

Happy browsing.
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