Free Space from Your Email box hosted with Softex Web Hosts

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Free Space from Your Email box hosted with Softex Web Hosts

Postby Softex » 30 Dec 2014, 18:14

Hello everybody,
Softex provides hosting services for thousands of different business domains and business email users worldwide. One of the most frequent problems that usually faces our mailbox users is about each user email box running out of space.

In Most of the cases, this problems happens because users forget to remove the old emails from the server even if they do not want it anymore, most business users use Outlook to download their email boxes to their computers so they do not use many space on the email box on the server. But few of them understand how they need to delete old emails they do not need from the server to avoid having the "Email box is full error" . In fact it does not matter how much space do you have in your email box (whether it is a 100 MB of 10 GB email box) , if you do not delete old emails eventually you will have the mailbox full and your account blocked.

Before jumping to upgrading your email box and purchasing more hosting space from Softex (which will eventually run out), we have decided to write down a guide, how can you free space on your email box for Outlook users (Office 2007, 2010 and 2012) in addition to people who uses the web-mail directly to access their email boxes.

Later on, we will provide a guide for configuring your mobile mail clients (Android and I phone) to make sure it removes the old unwanted emails from the server as well.

Please find below full help document about how you can do it yourself, as usual if you need help please feel free to contact our Technical support team 24/7/365.

Happy Emails.
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