How to link Your Google Email with Softex business Emails

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How to link Your Google Email with Softex business Emails

Postby Softex » 30 Dec 2014, 18:44

Hello there,
everybody knows that Gmail is great, it has very many great features, it is free and it give you 15 GB of space :)

If you have a business hosting plan with Softex that includes business email hosting and you have problem your email box is always full and you do not want to pay more to upgrade your email box. in addition to all this, you do have Gmail account and you like using it, perhaps we can offer you a great solution :)

Did you know that there is a way for linking your Gmail email account to pull all emails you receive on your business emails. In fact this does have several benefits such as:
1. You can free space on your business email box and move all emails automatically to your 15 GB of free Gmail space.
2. You can use Gmail beautiful web interface with many tools to organize your emails automatically.
3. You can easily combine and manage both your Gmail email and your business email from within one place and make your live much much easier.

If you like this idea but you do not want how to implement it, please check the Guide below that helps you configure your Gmail account and link it to Softex business email hosting.

Enjoy the power of Gmail while using the same business email address that really represents your business brand clearly :)

It is very important to understand that the link will stop if you change the password of your business email, if you have your email password changed for any reason, you must reconfigure the Gmail linking engine with the new password.

If you need further assistance or you have any question about implementing this issue and you are hosting with Softex Business hosting plans, please contact us for assistance and ask for the help of our technical team available 24/7/365.

Happy Emails.
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