Common Question: How much is your website Protection?

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Common Question: How much is your website Protection?

Postby Softex » 24 May 2015, 16:21

Since Softex designs and develops websites for major organizations in Egypt and in the middle east, it is always a common question when a large company asks us what did we do to protect their website and how much security does Softex Shared hosting plans have.

so we decided to get the question answered here:

if you have your website designed , developed and hosted by Softex Software House, then :
1 - Your website is secured by default within its development against common PHP security risks and threats (such as but not limited to SQL injection and PHP global variables overwrites (AKA Register Globals))
2 - Softex Shared hosting plans is placed with its dedicated servers with special configuration where we are doing regular upgrades to MYSQL server, PHP and Apachi versions to ensure utmost security and performance for our clients’ hosted websites.
3 - We have automatic backups in a disaster recovery located 200 KMs away from hosting servers scheduled every Sunday. So we create a Disaster recovery backup for you for free every week.
4 - We do provide access for our customers to create their own backups over all website through CPanel whenever they want.
5 - Our dedicated servers are covered by firewall by default to ensure that offensive IPs are blocked moreover you can review all IPs accessing your website from the CPanel and you can even control blocking IPs accessing your website using the same CPanel.

The above items are part of our security measures for standard hosting plans (Shared hosting plans). Nevertheless, If you need a more dedicated and secured hosting plan we will be happy to organize a meeting to discuss your further business needs and requirements in case you have internal regulations for security or ISO compliance standards needed to be covered.

Please contact us on for more details ,

To see more samples about Websites we design and develop , please check out Web Site:
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