Understanding Hotel Allocation Flow in Travel Control

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Understanding Hotel Allocation Flow in Travel Control

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Hotel Allocation Setup is on of the core modules in Hotels Contracting Within Softex Travel Control Online,

While adding or editing Existing Hotel Allocation, you need to be aware of the following (According to the below screen shot),

- Hotel Can have multiple allocations within the same dates.
- Hotel Can have allocation that is shared between several markets (by selecting applicable markets from the list on the right)
- Hotel Can have allocation shared between 2 different roomtypes (this is usually used for Non-Refundable Room Types), where you have in the system for example 2 room types for the same hotel (One Deluxe Room and One Deluxe Room - Non Refundable).
- Release days means how many days before arrival the allocation will be applicable, if you entered 2 days in release days. This means allocation will be valid till 2 days from arrival date and then will be released automatically.
- You can select whether the allocation is applicable on Contract / Promotion Rates or Both.
- You can Select whether this allocation is Normal Allocation or Free Sale, this is useful when you have a stop sale that will block free sale only without allocation or the other way around.
- Priority field , identify which allocation the system will use first (this is the only way the system knows which allocation to use first) , starting from 1 to 100.
- Free Sale Never Expires until disabled or have stop sale blocking it, so make it sure it has the maximum priority.

Screen Shot below for the full allocation screen
Hotel Allocation Setup Screen - Travel Control.png

For more information about Travel Control, please check the Product full details at Softex official website:
https://www.softexsw.com/en/travel-cont ... -works.php

Screenshots for Hotels Contracting Module Here:
https://www.softexsw.com/en/travel-cont ... hotels.php
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