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Hot dip Galvanized

According to DIN 50976
Hot dip galvanized products are suitable for outdoor purposes providing an extreme protection against harsh conditions.

SES hot dip galvanized cable trays are immerged in liquid zinc after manufacturing, so that all edges and welds are also protected against corrosion.
The approximate values for the annual zinc loss thickness is:
Non-urbanized air 1-2MM
Urbanized air 3-5MM
Sear air 5-10 MM
Industrial air 5-10 MM

Electrostatic Epoxy Painted

Upon customer request we can provide this solution for high aesthic requirements or special corrosive demands with a coating especially suited to customer’s purpose. All colors are available suitng different environments.
Also we can provide:

a- Pre-galvanized & Electrostatic Epoxy Coated.
b- H.D.G with Electrostatic Epoxy Coated.

Stainless steel

SES stainless steel products available for special applications as food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical environments.