What is Sales Control Module?

  • Create and maintain lasting & profitable customer relationships.
  • An online CRM “Customer Relationship Management” software that facilitates managing your customer relations with maximum efficiency & professionalism.
  • A complete front office support to sales, marketing & customer care.
  • Sales control opens communication lines for you to take your business beyond success.
  • Share data and knowledge between your several branches and locations around the globe in an easy and efficient manner.

Benefits & Features (Why Use Sales Control Online Based Server?)

Start managing your customer relationships now with efficiency and professionalism.

  • At no extra cost of:

    - Server hardware or UPS systems.
    - Real IP purchases for any of your locations or branches.
    - Hardware upgrades or firewall purchases.

  • With No Worry About:

    - Server/Data storage security.
    - Antivirus renewal to protect your sensitive data.

  • And Receive For Free:

    - system upgrades and new versions for as long as you are using Sales Control.

Why Choose Sales Control ?

  • A unified large database with sufficient accessibility options.
  • Full view and analysis of your customer needs for a better matching of your offerings and product maps to it.
  • Drive your customers towards satisfaction by reminding them of services requirements, recording their complains (if any) and following up on complain processing.
  • Maintain your customers’ full details and history covering all products/services they have previously purchased, crystallizing your opportunities for new deals.
  • Empower your account managers to generate new business channels.
  • Automated Daily Database Backups on different physical servers and Mirrored Hard Drives on each server ensure that your Data is safe against power failures, Viruses, Accidents and/or any other risks you might encounter while hosting your data at any other location.