Agents Profile Managment

B2B Module

Basic Foundation Module

This module is composed of essential components for tour operations and travel agencies, unlike other systems, Softex TC Offers a full pack of sub modules under one Module.

Each and every sub system can be sold as a standalone solution but Softex Experts have concluded it is far much better for organizations working in the travel business to have them all in one Pack under Basic Foundation Module. Thus, making this module one of the most qualified, integrated and Cost efficient solutions to be offered.

TC Basic Foundations Module includes:

Full Agents Rating & Management System

Travel Control Agent management system enables your staff to easily:
  • Define agent details, salesmen, and related documents and files
  • Fully manage different agent profiles
  • Manage agent tariff creation, editing and reporting

See it in Action:

Agent Transfer rates
Agents file manager
Agent price lists
Agent Tariff generation
Agent Tariff details
Agent Tariff details
Agents accounting details
Agent accommodation rates
Agent salesmen
Agent contact data
Agent definition
Adding new agent