Contracting Module

Basic Foundation Module

This module is composed of essential components for tour operations and travel agencies, unlike other systems, Softex TC Offers a full pack of sub modules under one Module.

Each and every sub system can be sold as a standalone solution but Softex Experts have concluded it is far much better for organizations working in the travel business to have them all in one Pack under Basic Foundation Module. Thus, making this module one of the most qualified, integrated and Cost efficient solutions to be offered.

TC Basic Foundations Module includes:

Full Hotels costing and contracting Systems

  • Hotels definition with full details covering basic contact and product information in different languages
  • Defining room types, meal plans, occupancies, seasons, hotel types and facilities, room facilities, extra beds.
  • Defining Cancellation policies, children policies, special events and more
  • Full Management of Contract details
  • Full and privileged contract management and revision
  • Defining different markup plans
  • Agent Tariff templates and reports
  • Full management of different hotel suppliers

See it in Action:

Hotel Markup Plan Details
Managing Hotel Facilities
Children policy
Hotel Markup Plan Definition
Meal upgrade promotion
Adding supplements
Hotel supplement
Adding Contract rates
Managing room setup
Services Setup – Defining Extra Beds
Supplier definition – Contact information
Defining Supplier types
Reports - advanced formatting
Agent Tariff report - options
Reports – extraction options
Agent tariff report
Tariff templates and reports
Full Supplier Management System
Managing Cancellation policy
Stay pay offer
Agent Tariff – Search
Full and privileged contract management and revision
Managing Room CapacitiesOccupancies
Managing Children Policy
Managing Terms & Conditions
Adding Early Bird Rates
Adding hotel rate header
Adding Stay Pay Offers
Managing rate headers and characteristics
Adding Meal upgrade promotions
Defining Room Facilities
Hotels – Contact information
Services Setup – Occupancies
Seasons Setup
Defining Room Types
Defining Hotel Facilities
Hotels – product details
Defining Hotel Types
Defining Meal plans
Hotels – Basic information