Reservation and Operation Module

Basic Accounting system

Basic accounting module helps you in processing day to day vouchers and financial detais.Basic Accounting features include:
  • Defining currencies and exchange rates
  • Defining different accounts including, debtors, creditors, cash, bank, expenses and income accounts
  • Defining Credit cards
  • Defining and managing voucher books
  • Defining and managing fixed assets

See it in Action:

Accounts definition menu
Fixed assets - reports
Defining voucher books and serials
Contra Voucher
Payment allocation voucher
Cash payable voucher
Defining expenses accounts
Voucher Management
Defining credit card accounts
Credit note
Fixed assets details
Adjustment voucher
Bank payable voucher
Fixed assets – additions/disposals
Bank receivable voucher
Bank receipt voucher
Defining income accounts
Cash receipt voucher
Adding fixed assets
Defining bank accounts
Defining currencies
Defining cash accounts
Defining debtor accounts
Account reports
Defining creditor accounts

Financial Statements Module

Travel Control Financial statements module can be integrated seamlessly with all other modules to provide a professional, flexible and easy to use generator for financial statements needed by almost all types of organizations. Nevertheless TC Financial statements module can run separately based on customer requirements. It provides huge advantage over common financial solutions in terms of flexibility in too many real life scenarios.

TC Financial statement provides full automation of transactions posting from almost all other Travel Control modules while maintaining the ease of adjusting entries based on each user requirements. Softex Provides readymade chart of accounts to be used with proper adjustments or even better. Organizations can choose to build their own chart of accounts and start importing daily transactions from Travel Control based on the automation rules they set up for the posting process.

Moreover, TC Financial statements module provides financial managers with the ability to post the same transactions more than one time on different accounting books with different chart of accounts. This unique multi-posting ability allows generation of multiple views of financial reports with different setup on the same entries.

See it in Action:

Ledger Generation
Trial Balance report
Financial position reports
Posting Engine
Accounts Journal
Accounts settings
General Journal
Reports graphic representation
Trial Balance report generation
General Ledger
Ledger Sheet
Accounts Journal – search
Chart of accounts – flexibility
Ledger Report
Chart of accounts
Chart of accounts – reports

Financial Analysis Module

Financial analysis module is designed to be provide a translation of all financial statements into financial ratios covering, liquidity, solvency, profitability and activity ratios.

Hence providing top management with the right level of information supporting timely smart decisions making towards successful investments and business growth.

See it in Action:

Financial Analysis Reports
Capital Structure & solvency ratios
Activity ratio
Balance sheet
Financial analysis reports – Generation screen