Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to run Softex Travel Control?

All you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop

How can I decide on Travel Control modules that my business needs to run smoothly?

Softex consultants can help you decide by discussing with you your business size and needs towards advising with the best match.

Using Travel Control, can I share rates with prospect partners or agents?

Yes, you can share rates easily on all provided services via Travel Control B2B module

Do you provide training over using Travel Control to my staff?

Yes, we offer our valued customers a dedicated team of highly trained professionals in order to provide all training needed to your staff, as well as provide technical support over the phone at any time. We also provide extended support through our forum:

How does being a cloud based solution help with Travel Control stability?

Travel Control system will not be affected by any technical problem in your device, there is no concern on the performance of the system or on your data, whether you faced a power down or your Computer caught a virus or even found a problem in your HDD

Is it possible to integrate with a partner directly where service rates are reflected automatically into our systems?

Softex Travel Control is designed to work with XML integrations, should you need to implement such an integration you are required to contact a Softex Travel Control consultant for assistance in analyzing feasibility, cost and time frame for delivery.