Advanced Security Managment

Reservation and Operation Module

Basic Foundation Module

This module is composed of essential components for tour operations and travel agencies, unlike other systems, Softex TC Offers a full pack of sub modules under one Module.

Each and every sub system can be sold as a standalone solution but Softex Experts have concluded it is far much better for organizations working in the travel business to have them all in one Pack under Basic Foundation Module. Thus, making this module one of the most qualified, integrated and Cost efficient solutions to be offered.

TC Basic Foundations Module includes:

Advanced security management module

Softex Travel Control software provides you with the right set of tools for optimum performance and smooth operation of your Travel company. We understand the need of having different system users performing different tasks and accordingly having different access privileges.

Accordingly, we have designed the users and security privilege screen to provide you with full control of users accessing your system data and performing their daily tasks as per the screens below:

See it in Action:

Accounts privileges
Voucher management privileges
Reservations services privileges
Reservations privileges
Sales privileges
Contracting privileges 2
Contracting privileges 3
System setup privileges
Contracting privileges 4
Contracting privileges
System users management