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Metal gates | Access control


We deliver high quality security systems , the most important is turnstile gates ( Indoor / Outdoor )

And divided with us for many types , in terms of country origin (Made in … korea / America / China / Germany … )

  • Turnstile gates are metal gates to detect metals and explosives
  • Manual inspection devices – Access control ( Exit / Entry ) – Cars Entrance control ( Entry / Exit ) – X-Ray machine

Which is the most prominent security systems provided by the company .. Comprehensive supply and installation

And from the metal gates sensor , you will be able to detect weapons also

Which is the most recent used gates in terms of security and anti-theft protection around the globe.

The efficiency of the device depends on the sensors , Which starts from 4 to 18 Sensor

And it’s height is about 220 cm and width 50 cm , and it’s weight is between 90 – 100 kg

Notification devices (Strobe, Siren, Flash light).

To ensure security without any explosives or weapons .. Exit for security guards against theft

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