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X-Ray machines


X-Ray devices Or systems as a solution , is used to impose the safety and security Also it’s used to check bags searching for the explosive substances or drugs and weapons , As a shortcut it’s used to identify the harmful objects. This device is used as an example in :-


  • Air ports
  • Trains stations
  • Banks
  • Exhibitions
  • Hotels
  • Tourist villages
  • Clubs
  • Organizations
  • Etc…

So , if you are in an actual need for the device .. you must check the device specifications The device is available in more than one size .. Large | Medium | Small.

Small bags detector : Channel size will be 30 – 50 cm which is the smallest size , And it’s used to detect the small bags , Such as ; Back bags and Hand bags , and it’s often used in the companies and the clubs As an example , and the bag size must be equal to or less than 30 cm for height and 50 cm for it’s width

Medium bags detector : Channel size will be 40 – 60 cm , And here we find the medium size which is used in most of Hotels and Air-ports , And also the bags size must be less than or equal 40 cm for height and 60 cm for it’s width

Large bags detector : This size is used for the large bags , and the channel size will be 100 cm – 100 cm , Also you will be able to connect it with your own connection to share the vision with more than one person , knowing that this device should be kept away from the sun and rain

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