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Fingerprint works on the format of finger print / Smart cards / Face detection / Password , to record the real attendance Or departure through a machine which is used to register the attendance / departure for the employee with the highest accuracy

And it’s to signatures and record the additional fees / discount delays / number of absences days / net salaries / total discounts , to avoid any method of manipulation of attendance / departure detection for the organization / foundation , and it is already certified from the SMB ( Small / medium business ) Or multi-national organizations, and used to count any additional charges.

And it works seamlessly across the ERP systems such as ; MC Online.

And this hardware works with internet, specially in case of have a number of branches, to withdraw the necessary reports as soon as possible through the Real IP

And most of them are protected with an Adminstrator to specify the operating system permissions.

Whether disconnected or lost the internet coverage or not used , the data can be stored or saved with TOPIP internet cable Or USB flash memory.

To be added to the system later , Or drafting / inventory for Excel sheet

And they are operated by touch screens , or Via buttons for easy handling with the machine.

- Standalone Access Door System.
- Network Access Control
- Biometric Technology (Fingerprint, Face Recognition)
- Standard Technology (Access Card / Pin Code)
- Time & Attendance System (Fingerprint or , Face Recognition)

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