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Intrusion Detection


We provide all alarm systems, inclusive supply and installment

Specialists in implementing the systems for all kinds and categories of organizations using the system

Supporting the host with alarm .. When zone is triggered

- Strong warning sound : Through the strong sound varies according to Watt
- Flash light warning : Red flash light is emitted such as ; fire brigade
- Phone call alarm : Through a phone call will be sent to 5 persons That effective deterrent to anti-theft

With the possibility of connecting a number of sensors to the alarm panel, Whether it’s connected through cables Or wireless The system depends on motion capture to the surrounding place .. through device works with electricity & implemented according to your needs

o House alarm systems
o Vilas / Castles alarm systems
o Companies / shops alarm systems With different types provided by Softex system integration

With different types provided by Softex system integration

- Indoor or outdoor motion sensor
- Break glass sensor - Door/window sensor
- Siren Sounder / Flash Light
- Mobile phone / Email notification
- Activate / De-activate the system locally by remote control or remotely through mobile application

To get the effective deterrent to anti-theft system

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