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Fire alarm Systems


Softex system integration provides Fire alarm systems (FAS) which will be divided into two types

  • ▶ Smoke detector
  • ▶ Heat detector

Firefighting from the first moments is the first consideration when a fire occurs .. to let the device be an alarm and anti-flammable ..

It requires notification to the people surrounded by the fire, to get rid of it Or to leave the place

So, it became commonplace, widespread ..

These techniques works in various forms and types, to suit the consumer’s needs

Where the reagents are linked with the fire alarm panel through electric wires circuit

Other than the designated system, Have specific detector number with a specific address appears in the dashboard

Types of fire alarm systems :

- Addressable and conventional FA systems.
- Wide range of fire detectors (smoke, heat, beam).
- Notification devices (Strobe, Siren, Flash light).

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