What is Alpha Archive?

  • Every running organization is involved some way or another into processing documents. Whether they are paper documents or digital files, they still need a way to be stored, indexed, and secured for later reuse. Softex E-Office Alpha Archiver provides your organization with the most advanced, secured, easy to use digital archiving system.
  • With Softex Alpha Archive, there will be no more trips to the file room… no more phone calls to the document storage warehouse… no more fruitless searches of your hard drive for that missing invoice… and no more time spent looking through old emails, faxes and filing drawers. Now you will be fully able to access all of your data anytime and from almost anywhere.
  • Softex Alpha Archive provides Full web interface for users to access data from work and home PC's, notebooks, Handhelds and even Mobile devices. It also helps you through "publishing feature" to publish files to anyone by a direct download link, make it protected by password, or even determine an expiry date for the link.

Who Should Use it?

  • Business owners who need to grant easy & efficient flow of important files and contacts data among employees within their company.
  • All employees in the company who want to share any kind of files to be accessible anytime & anywhere to specific or different people.
  • Sales team who want to view/send important quotes, briefings, pricing details to customers at anytime.
  • Organization admins who manage and classify proposals, contracts, customer profiles, human resources related documents, financial reports, forms, announcements and memos that are generated every day.
  • All parties that run large operations involving thousands of employees and would like to maintain documents of each & every employee.
  • TV and Radio stations that requires full Media Archives for all their media.
  • Universities, Schools and libraries that handle large volume of books, articles, research papers and needs to expose them to different beneficiaries.
  • Government agencies which are responsible for processing millions of paper documents/day.

Benifits & Features (Why use Alpha Archive?)

  • Eliminating risks of accidental loss of data files that happen with local archiving solutions. We host the files on our secure servers and spare you the worries & cost.
  • Save all the money spent on antivirus solutions, firewall software, Real IP, etc. client no longer needs to establish and secure his own means of archiving.
  • Accessibility from anywhere through any internet browser, or even through tablets (eg.iPad, Android based system), smart phones, etc.
  • Classification of files through volumes with a unique name & description, and charts of used and free space.
  • File type categorization mechanism. Define whether the uploaded files are word, pdf, ppt presentations, excel, or even images.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability, with both English & Arabic languages facilitating further processing of scanned documents & mages like searching within content.
  • OCR supports archive-able file formats like PDF, MS word, MS excel, MS power point, images. Making it available in text and searchable for you.
  • Advanced security model where permission can be set on folder level (read only, modify, deny access, etc.) which grants full organization & control over your files viewability.
  • Enhance your sales force, customer support, marketing and other teams’ response to clients and partners, with the publishing feature. Publishing allows sharing files through links with preset expiry dates, passwords and even more complicated security options (like locking to a specific IP).
With Softex Alpha Archive, Move your critical business documents from PC workstations and laptops to a central Document Management System and manage your documents as if your success depended on it… because it does!