Maged A. Reda

When I look back on how we started, how we progressed and where are we standing now, I feel proud of what we have made here at Softex. Back then when we started in 2004 we were young, experiencing, learning, and ambitious, we started from almost nothing but worked to accomplish great things. Back then our name was unfamiliar to even our own ears, now we’re established enough to proudly say “we are Softex Software House”.

We have faced huge challenges but we have learned a very important fact about ourselves, "Simply we can almost do anything if we really want to".

During my years at Softex I have learned that great organizations are made of great people. It is a privilege and I am honored to work with my own team at Softex, without them working hand to hand, we would have never reached where we stand right now. I will not speak much here about our capabilities & our staff qualifications, but personally I am sure that I command one of the best technical, professional and well educated teams in the middle East.

After hundreds of successful projects over the years since we started, I can only say Thank you to our customers, partners and people who decided to trust us and rely on our software solutions to run their own business. I can promise them that we will never let your business down even if we will die trying.

After all I believe we have been very lucky in Softex Software House to achieve such an incredible success. As everybody knows, Luck Stands for Labor Under Correct Knowledge = LUCK, and yes we do have the knowledge in our field and we love to work with it. YES, we are here to stay, and we are up for any challenges to come.

Maged A. Reda

Founder and CEO , Softex Software House