What is Clinics Manager Module?

  • Clinics Manager is an ultimately efficient management tool for clinics and medical facilities provide full control over patients, doctors and services data.
  • Clinics Manager Solution provides you with the needed tools to manage your clinic successfully with various reports covering several areas of your medical activities.

Clinics Manager Comes With:

  • Complete patients’ files database module.
  • Doctors’ accounts and operations management modules.
  • Clinics and services management modules.
  • Reservation and scheduling modules.
  • Invoicing and patient accounts modules.
  • Inventory and purchasing modules.
  • Financial accounting modules.

Why choose Clinics Manager?

  • Because it is the most efficient solution to provide full control of your clinic at your finger tips.
  • From reservations and scheduling to patients tracking, Clinics Manager facilitates your daily operations.
  • It’s simply the key towards smooth operation of a successful clinic.