Frequently Asked Questions

We at Softex aim at:

• Online services oriented towards less headache on the client side.
• Software accessible from anywhere with lowest possible cost.

At Softex careful excessive research is done before launching any project, we make sure our products will perfectly serve your requirements & satisfy your thirst for uniqueness.

We don’t make you pay for something you don’t need; Softex uses the latest technologies to ensure the most return on investment for your money.

Softex owns and manages powerful, dedicated, high quality servers in both North America and Europe to host your website, emails, databases, web applications and portals.

That insures you get:

• Ultimate usability at low running cost.
• Maximum online security for your business.
• Automated daily backups with off-site retention, Best of bread routers, firewalls & servers with full network redundancy.
• No more costly server & client software/hardware requirements.
• Enjoy receiving free upgrades & new versions of your software.
• Stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Softex uses latest technology Microsoft languages, such as: Microsoft Visual Basic .Net, C# and ASP .Net SDK.

There will be no ation from your side! Our technicians are responsible for installing the new software product at your site(s) for no additional fees.
We are responsible for adjusting the operating system and network settings for proper operation with Softex products.

Softex products also provide Importing Features for data transfer from other systems to Softex Solution.

While working on Connected Mode, all system updates and upgrades will be provided free of charge for all branches and locations via Softex Online Auto Update Service within minutes.

While in Disconnected Mode, Softex will deliver the system updates for free upon customer request, noting that Technical support Charges needed for installation which Softex provides at its own schedule and cost has to be fulfilled.

Softex provides reliable after sales support for a duration of 12 months for all Softex solutions purchased taking into consideration that the customer follows Softex Guidelines and Requirements for operating the system. Softex will provide responsive communication channels for the implementation process in addition to technical contact for installation and maintenance Details.

Softex will provide the following communication and reporting mechanisms for the CUSTOMER to use when asking for help support:

(a) Account Manager,
To conduct training hours needed for each solution & to assist customer in case of any consultation needed during the implementation phase.

(b) Telephone Support,
Softex shall maintain 2 or more land lines during regular business hours to assist customers in reporting errors and in providing first-line support in the use and operation of solutions provided by Softex.

(c) Email Support,
Softex shall maintain one or more email address for the purpose of providing All Softex Solutions users with email support.

(d) System support,
Every solution provided by Softex provides the ability to report the system status once an error occurred. Recording the error from within the system automatically generates a request for help email that goes in line with the email support mentioned in section "c".

(e)Technical Support Visit,
Softex Shall provide in Client Premises Technical support visits upon customer request and approval of Estimated cost based on Customer Premises locations and nature of work needed to be done. Softex shall be using a reasonable effort to fulfill all Technical support visits requests within a maximum of 24 working hours.

Softex offers a wide range of solutions and tools to help you succeed your business & stand out among your competitors. These solutions are tailored to fit within almost any business according to the unique nature & needs of each one. These needs vary according to your purpose of using the solution (marketing, advertising,security or operational), your business industry/s, the size of your business (number of employees, branches), & other variables.

In our website, you will find a section called “Product advisor” which we are developing specially to guide you through some questions & make you reach the perfect solution for you!
Once completed, you can visit our Product Advisor & make the right decision.
Stay Tuned !

Softex offers a wide range of solutions to help you ace your business performance & get more revenue, & nothing can do it better than Marketing & advertising!

Softex unique & matchless web design possibilities & targeted SMS campaigns will give you an edge in terms of marketing your business and reach the target market of your products efficiently & easily.
To know more about our web design services visit the "Web Design & Development" page.
To know more about our SMS campaigns services visit the "SMS Services" page.