Know more about Market control Online ERP

Designed and developed by qualified team of experts to serve medium and large organizations through an effective and easy to use system interface for professional management and profit margin increase.

With the best value in the Egyptian market and MENA region (Cost / Performance)

Cloud based Enterprise Resources Planning system works in 7 different languages

Market Control Online ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) System innovated to enterprises as a business software that collects information from various departments; all in one database secured by Microsoft Azure (SQL Server Enterprise), enabling top management to monitor the pulse of a company using all in one solution.

What is Market Control ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System consists of the newest technologies and systems in the market companies use to manage and integrate their core business, with the ability to connect all departments of any institution to its branches and factories, for instance, organizations in all size can link general accounts, salaries, personnel affairs, contracting, production and factories, and different industries with the main ERP system Market Control Online ERP.

In addition, it gives entrepreneurs the ability to discover new earning chances and control net income through creating cost centers at the facility or factory level. Which increases productivity and labor efficiency.

Market control online E-invoice System

Designed and developed by Softex Software House, to meet the needed requirements of the government’s plan and to be linked directly with the Egyptian Tax Authority portal.

Softex Market Control

Softex Market Control is your key to making efficient decisions TODAY.

  • Start collecting investment treasures by linking & utilizing your enterprise resources through the most efficient and robust financial solution.
  • See your business strategy delivering success with a comprehensive package that satisfies all your needs covering inventory, purchases, suppliers, sales, clients, personnel & payroll, cash, credit & bank accounts and much more.


More Than 800 Customer Over all 7 years



More Than 8000 User using Market Control ERP



More Than 1200 project For every need



18 years in Egypt And middle east

Market Control Online Based Servers, What's In It For You?

Start monitoring your business today with extensive features and capabilities of Market Control Online ERP.
  • No Extra Cost
    Forget Hardware failures or downtimes with high service level of agreement SLA, Offering more than 95% up-time, Server hardware or UPS systems, Software or Hardware upgrades, Hardware firewall purchases.
  • With No Worry About
    Server/Data storage security , Antivirus renewal to protect your sensitive data
  • And Receive For Free
    System upgrades and new versions for as long as you are using Market Control ERP.

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Why Choose Market Control?

Well-tested technology with a large community of skilled developers. Versatile ERP system for auto-generating queries and reports. Options for storing and accessing data in a wide variety of formats.

  • Reduce your cost, trace your payments and collect your money.
  • Manage your day to day transaction and sensitive data with ultimate security and consistency.
  • Ensure robustness and efficiency with no more worries about data loss, accidental power failures, or even data theft.
  • Maximum productivity through a very friendly user interface.
  • Deliver success to your business with a full solution based on academic knowledge and real experience.
  • Explore opportunities! Decision making has never been easier with an intelligent reporting engine producing over 1800 managerial level reports.
  • Tailored to match and suit various industry needs.
  • Highly experienced support team delivering guaranteed efficient and timely support.
  • Full control at your finger-tips with no more than a normal computer and internet connection.
  • Shortest on-site Implementation time.
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Who Should Use it?

  • Softex Market Control is the best online financial solution for Medium/Large trading & industrial organizations. Its flexibility makes it the best candidate for any organization with multiple offices, branches or factories.
  • If you need a robust & powerful solution to monitor your day to day organizational activities & connect its branches with a secured, easy to use and cost-efficient accounting system, Softex Market Control is definitely your success partner.
  • Softex will provide full online customer service for your software as long as you are using it. You will never be charged for technical support fees or even better you get all system updates & improvements 100% free.