Gym & Fitness Manager

Gym and fitness system is a unique software solution, which manages and control the day-to-day crowd and store crucial data in one single interface. Mainly it is a management and accounting system, built for the cloud to work seamlessly across an internet connection. In addition, it manages all integrated systems from one interface such as; financial accounting, Human Resources module, Inventory, clients, and purchases (Standard module), it furthermore could integrate with responsive website design and mobile application. The system's main power is centralized in multi-functionalities, it allows system users to insert an infinite number of coaches and members.

Gym & Fitness Manager Work-flow


  • Attendance and departure reports for coaches
  • Attendance and departure reports for members
  • Client’s account statement. (Member)
  • Collection of sales reports
  • Services archive

Transactions / Daily operations

Transactions / Daily operations
  • Sales invoice
  • Internal invoice
  • Permission to receive cash
  • Attendance and departure registration for Coach
  • Attendance and departure registration for member


  • Member’s data.
  • Coach’s data
  • Subscriptions
  • Services

Gym & Fitness Manager

Gym & Fitness Manager

Intuitive and easy to use gym management system, this cloud-based system is designed to maximize business productivity in clubs of all sizes; fitness centers, gyms, and sports centers. It provides a set of reports and statistics that are indispensable for any training center.

The system can be used as a content management system as well, in conjunction with a mobile application or website. It also helps the user directly in providing a high level of service to his customers, thus raising the efficiency and level of service.


Auto-one ERP work-flow

Gym Access Control 24/7

  • The cloud-based platform lets the members trigger a remote unlock.
  • Based on their subscriptions, only active members will be able to join.
  • While offering reliable security , whether gym swipe card entry system or the latest mobile-based access technology. To provide a convenient and consistent way for managers to distribute access to the gym or health club, and reclaiming work-life with automated system that remain working even when you’re not. With unified database.

Additional Modules

  • Mobile application for marketing and services.
  • Mobile application for coaches and members.
  • Website / webportal for members and coaches.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Financial accounting system.
  • Human Resources System HR.

System Videos

System FAQs

Benefits of using Gym & Fitness Manager

    System Features

  • Unified interface for coaches and members data.
  • Infinite numbers of coaches and members.
  • Unified identity for coaches and members across all branches.
  • Archives and logs to monitoring the attendance and departure for coaches and members.
  • Access permission settings for system users.
  • Technical support and training sessions from Softex.
  • Capability to link with website.
  • Capability to link with web portal.
  • Capability to link with mobile application.
  • All in one easy to use interface.

Why to work on cloud database?

    In the case of multiple branches, the least expenses. And in the case of a single branch, safety too.

  • A registry of users with backup copies.
  • No need for technical support.
  • No need to purchase and update servers / databases.
  • Get Automatic software updates.
  • Multiple users of the system.
  • Advantages of getting a website or a linked mobile application with the same data.

Why choose Softex?

Since 2004, Softex Software House provides an outstanding set of unique solutions built for the cloud and serving the business structures in Egypt , gulf , and middle east. Softex continuously develops its software product and perfects its functionality.

A dedicated technical support team with a complete toolset are ready for implementation
and indoor / outdoor / online training sessions and support.

Capability of integration with larger suite

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