Vacancy: Project Coordinator (For Females Only)

Bost Date: 2014-03-30

Vacancy Description:

Job Description & Responsibilities:

• Responsible for totally managing Softex Web Site development projects from contracting, Design preview, implementation, testing to final delivery and clearing for collection. All customer communications are the sole responsibility for such Position
• Sole Responsibility of closing the projects in allowed time per project, either by Approving Collection fees for the total project values on time or by suspending the project and putting it totally on hold.
• Totally responsible for receiving, negotiation and preparing quotes for existing customers customizations request and also pushing them towards contracting whether the requests are in-house or out of Softex.
• Totally responsible for providing in-house and out of house support for websites developed by Softex, Control panel Users and CMS Systems delivered by Softex.
• Responsible for logging detailed activity of technical work tasks such as content and also for logging operational details for the progress of each customer within the CRM Database system , delivering full daily report status via the system for all projects.
• Responsible to attend meetings with sales if they needed support.

Job Requirements:
• Excellent organizational and planning skills
• Excellent problem solving skills to be able to formulate creative solutions to daily problems and to be able to take corrective actions.
• Manage, lead and administrate project resources.
• Excellent communications and negotiation skills and ability to work comfortably with clients.
• Very detailed oriented and pays attention to minor details.
• Fast responsive and adjusting to change.
• Able to work independently or as a team player
• Ability to handle multi tasks in the same time and perfectly balance between them
• Open to learn new skills and technicalities
• Very flexible and patient when dealing with customers
• Strong English language spoken and written
• Can use Microsoft office ( word, excel, power point, outlook)

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