About Contacts Module

Contacts & customers data (existing or potential) are the most valuable assets of any company or organization.

They need to be stored safely, organized, categorized, & accessible from anywhere if you want to use them properly.

With E-Office, saving & sharing Contacts has never been easier.

Benefits & Features (Why Use E-Officeis Contacts Modules?)

  • Add tree of contacts, with categorizations.
  • Define different permission levels, view only, view and edit, or even view, edit and delete.
  • Search facility with multiple filters.
  • Eliminating risks of accidental loss of data files. We host your data on our secure servers and spare you the worries & cost.
  • 24/7/365 accessibility to your contacts from anywhere through any internet browser, or even through tablets (eg.iPad, android based system), smart phones, etc.

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