About Newsletter Module

Newsletters are a very effective, direct way to send out promotions, releases, announcements, & greeting to a mass number of audiences, and that effect relies on three main features:
  • Attractive design to reflect a good image of your business.
  • Flexible & efficient sending & tracking mechanism to avoid being caught in Spam & help you define its viewability.
  • Valid & Inclusive Mails Directory with all recipients’ emails Classified into descriptive categories.

E-Office provides these factors for a successful newsletter process that will keep you in control from A to Z throughout the whole operation.

Benefits & Features (Why Use Newsletter Module?)

  • Detailed tracking results with:

    - Unique, and total views numbers.
    - Emails list of people who have viewed your newsletter.
    - How many times an email account has viewed your newsletter with exact date and timing of the first and the last view.

  • Avoid being flagged as a spammer, never get caught in spam again.
  • Save time & increase productivity by utilizing E-Office for sending e-mail campaigns. Because it just runs on low profile without being detected as an automated sender E-Office gets the job done for you, without interrupting your employees’ progress.
  • No need to keep your laptop or pc working with valid internet connection. Just shoot and go.
  • All people may not be graphic designers, but everyone still has the right to send out newsletters. E-Office handles adjusting, splitting and preparing HTML code for your newsletter design. Just add full image to the campaign and click save…Voi la, you have your sliced image, with HTML code ready to be sent to your customers’ inboxes, It can’t get any easier!
  • Image size is minimal in a very impressive way, allowing for a smoother delivery with minimal rates of failure due to over sized e-mails attempting to reach almost full email inboxes.
  • Anti-spam mechanism built in for each email through the unsubscribe option provided at the footer of each email sent through E-Office. The unsubscribe scenario itself is very smooth with just two clicks away!

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