Alpha Archive Module

The most effective way for storing and indexing documents or digital files secured, for later reuse, Softex E-Office Alpha Archive provides your organization with (Read more…)

SMS Module

Mobile-only user’s percentage in Egypt is 70%, they don’t use a desktop, laptop, or tablet to access the web. Take the chance with the text messaging to hit with potential audience (Read more…)

Newsletter Module

The most effective and direct way to send out promotions, releases, announcements, & greetings to a mass number of audiences, and that effect relies on three main features (Read more…)

Contacts Module

Contacts & customers data (existing or potential) are the most valuable assets of any company or organization, store them safely, organized, categorized, & accessible from anywhere you want to use them properly (Read more…)

"Meet your Own Business Online"

An effective storage, sorting, and publishing mechanism for your data files, a huge bank for your contacts info, an effective tool for marketing your business & an essential arm for your sales team… that is E-Office!

It grants you full accessibility to all the data you need from anywhere, at anytime… & makes you ready for the demands & challenges of the new era of clouding! That's why it's more than just a web application.

E-Office is the ultimate integrated, multi-tasked, smart organizer that guides you through the challenging road to success.

Do Archiving... Do Sales... Do Marketing...

Simply... Just Do Business