Revenues and Expenses

Revenues and expenses as a part of Market Control ERP Standard module is considered as a major function to define and monitor revenues as income earned through the provision of business goods or services and expenses as a cost incurred in the process of business operations.

To cover all the financial parts for medium / large trading & industrial organizations. With a robust & powerful solution to track day to day financial activities.


  • Defining all expenses and revenues sources on the system
  • Defining types of expenses
  • Accounting codes to link with the financial module


  • Cash voucher for expenses
  • Cheque payment for expenses
  • Accrued expenses document
  • Cash voucher for revenues
  • Cheque payment for revenues
  • Adjusting entries


Large number of reports and analytics screens
  • Archive of expenses movements and statistics
  • Expenses dashboard and analytics screens
  • Archive of revenues and expenses
  • Reports for revenues accounts
  • Reports for expenses accounts
  • Daily report of expenses
  • Daily report of revenues
  • In addition, a large group of reports that are too many to mention in this brief description of the system.

Why to choose Market Control ERP?

Well-tested technology with a large community of skilled developers. Versatile ERP system for auto-generating queries and reports. Options for storing and accessing data in a wide variety of formats.

  • Reduce your cost, trace your payments and collect your money.
  • Manage your day to day transaction and sensitive data with ultimate security and consistency.
  • Ensure robustness and efficiency with no more worries about data loss, accidental power failures, or even data theft.
  • Maximum productivity through a very friendly user interface.
  • Deliver success to your business with a full solution based on academic knowledge and real experience.
  • Explore opportunities! Decision making has never been easier with an intelligent reporting engine producing over 1800 managerial level reports.
  • Tailored to match and suit various industry needs.
  • Highly experienced support team delivering guaranteed efficient and timely support.
  • Full control at your finger-tips with no more than a normal computer and internet connection.
  • Shortest on-site Implementation time.

System Videos

Market Control revenues and expenses module is a part of the Standard module that works cloud through an internet connection from any place and at any time.

System Features

  • Unlimited number of revenues and expenses accounts on the system
  • Expenses analysis based on the method of payment (Cash, bank, or cheque payment)
  • Cost centers tracking
  • Advanced search tools
  • Multiple reports for monitoring
  • Analytics screens
  • Advanced security and accessibility system
  • Flexibility in attaching company’s logo on documents and scalability sorting info.
  • The ability to export all reports to Excel, word, and PDF
  • Sending reports as email from the system
  • The ability to modify, delete, view, and print all system documents
  • Consideration of all Egyptian and international accounting principles and standards
  • 7 System Languages
  • The ability to integrate with larger systems
  • Archive for each user movements, logging in, and logging out on the system
  • A registry of users with backup copies. Every 6 minutes!
  • SQL Enterprise Database secured by Microsoft
  • No need for technical support
  • No need to purchase and update servers / databases
  • Get Automatic software updates
  • Multiple users of the system
  • Advantages of getting a website or a linked mobile application with the same data

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